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Institute of Statistics@NTHU
Keynote Speakers

Hsiang-Tsung Kung

John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University, USA
Tze Leung Lai Department of Statistics, Stanford University, USA


A Symposium on Complex Data Analysis 2017

Due to their high-volume, high-dimensional and highly unstructured features, big data create a lot of fundamental challenges for data science from theory to practice. To turn challenges into opportunities, a key step is to build successful alliances between statistics, machine learning, and scientific areas that produce large amounts of data. This is exactly the goal of this symposium which features twenty prominent international leaders as well as accomplished domestic investigators in statistics and computer science. They will share their cutting-edge research with symposium attendees, thereby providing an excellent platform to facilitate the exchange of ideas for data science research among academic researchers, Ph.D. students/graduates and industry practitioners.



Institute of Statistics, National Tsing Hua University


The Chinese Institute of Probability and Statistics

Mathematics Research Promotion Center

Location / Venue:

8F, General Building II, National Tsing Hua University








2017年 5月26、27日(星期五、六)




Scientific Program Committee:
Anne Chao Lu-Hung Chen Meihui Guo
Hsin-Cheng Huang Nan-Jung Hsu Wen-Han Hwang
Ching-Kang Ing Yuh-Jye Lee Hsuan-Tien Lin
Local Organizing Committee:
Ching-Kang Ing Wei-Cheng Hsiao Yin-Jen Chen
Wan-Ting Shin Kuan-Hsuan Jen